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Become an affiliate partner for The Shade Shack and be rewarded for driving sales!

How it works

Fill in the application to partner with The Shade Shack, We send you a personal discount code to share E.g (ADAM5). And you start promoting it alongside our products/brand on your social media. 

A user clicks on the website link, product photo or video you have posted to promote our brand and is directed to our website.

The user decides to make a purchase and uses your 5% off discount code at the checkout.

We approve the sale, then $10 is added to your payout balance which is paid directly to your PayPal at 5pm AEST, every Friday.

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Fill in the application below leaving the required details. We will review your application and get back to you right away with your personal Affiliate code.  


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8am - 6pm everyday.

Facebook is a platform that over 80% of our affiliates are using to promote our products and share their code, through posting product photos or short videos to create sales in turn earning themselves $10 for every sale!

Instagram and also TikTok are two platforms our affiliates are also having great success creating sales on. By simply posting short videos or photo collages that can be created by you, or simply copied straight from our pages.

Frequently asked questions

Have questions? We’re here to help

How much can I make?

We offer very good commission rates, being $10 for every sale you create. Meaning the more you promote the more you earn. Sky's the limit.

What do I promote and how?

That's completely up to you! You decide what products you want to promote and where. We recommend posting product photos or videos on your social media (we can send you content upon request) and putting your personal discount code in the post or the caption, because making sure the customer uses your 5% off discount code is crucial. The best performing content is typically videos on Tiktok or post's/stories on Instagram and Facebook. Be creative!

How soon can I get started?

Once you submit your application we will get back to you with your personal code in 1-2 business days. Once you receive your code you're good to go and ready to start promoting our brand and earning!

What is an affiliate partner?

An affiliate partner is an individual (often a blogger. influencer, content creator or someone capable of sharing content on social media) that partners with our brand to promote our brand and products. In return, you as an affiliate earn $10 for every sale created as a result of your efforts.

What fees do I have to pay?

There are no hidden fees. You can apply and become an affiliate for our brand completely free of charge and begin earning.